Veraviewepacs 3D



Vieraviewepocs 3De is a state of the art 3D digital imaging system that allows World Citi Dental to obtain digital 3D, panoramic and cephaloetric images. This model offers views with class-leading clarity. Most dental surgeries often require you to travel to specialist surgeries to obtain 3D images. Dr Matthew from World Citi Dental has this machine in-house to prevent patient from having to spend time and energy obtaining 3D images for their dental requirements.

Biosonic UC50DB



The BioSonic UC50DB is a complete ultrasonic cleaning system utilising high frequency sound waves to reach minute crevices which cannot be cleaned by manual scrubbing.

The combination of energy and specially formulated solutions make ultrasonic cleaning the most effective method for removing gross and microscopic debris.

Miele Professional G7881



Miele is renound for their high grade, top quality innovative creations, leading the marketplace in domestic appliances and commercial machines.

The G7881 washer-disinfector was engineered to clean, rinse, thermally disinfect and dry a wide range of reusable medical devices used in dental surgeries.

Statim 5000 G4


The Statim 5000 G4 was designed to sterilize dental equipment by subjecting them to high pressure steam. Statim is a global company supplying dental surgeries with equipment in 90 different countries. The Statim 5000 G4 functions by employing a proprietary pressure pulse displacement (PPPD) technology. It works by using saturated steam to remove air and effectively sterilise intrstuements – the STATIM Autoclave ensures World Citi Dental always have an ample supply of instruments ready for use.

Unlike conventional autoclaves that need to heat an entire reservoir of water, STATIM uses only a small, specific amount of water required for each cycle. Water is introduced into a heating device referred to as a ‘steam generator’, rapidly heating and converting to steam within seconds.

Vacuklav 23 B+


The Vacuklav 23 B+ is a class B autoclave (device used to sterilise equipment with high pressure steam). As its internal dimensions are larger, it allows larger dental to be sterilised. It contains a strong vacuum pump and an efficient steam generator providing short cycle times so some hollow-instruments can be taken out dry after a mere 25 minutes. The Vacuklav 23 B+ also contains an internal electronic control system aiding in avoiding operational faults and securing high quality sterilisation.



The Lubrina system is a superior piece of equipment used to clean and purges handpieces, and a variety of other equipment, via a rapid blow air system.

On average, the Lubrina system uses 66% less lubricant than manual lubrication methods. It’s the first handpiece maintenance system with a built-in chuck maintenance system. With the ability to service up to four handpieces in 100 seconds, staff at World Citi Dental are able to focus more on the customer service and less on tedious tasks.

Scan X Duo


The Scan X digital imaging x-ray solution by Air Techniques offers a modern method of obtaining x rays that’s not only better for the environment as no paper or film is used but also safer for patients as lower radiation levels are omitted. Image development times average less than two minutes with Scan X in comparison to 6-12 minutes with traditional systems so patients are exposed to lower levels of radiation.