World Citi Dental provide wisdom teeth removal services with the utmost care, at an affordable price.

World Citi Dental staff first assess whether you require wisdom teeth removal and if any alternatives options are available.

Wisdom teeth usually start to emerge from your gums between the ages of 17-23. They usually grow in each corner of your mouth and are sometimes responsible to severe discomfort and pain due to a lack of space within the jaw. This also causes swelling and infection.

We understand the thought of removing your wisdom teeth may sound painful, however with our experienced staff having performed this procedure over 500 times a year in some cases, you can be reassured the process will be made as pain free and fast as possible. If wisdom teeth giving pain or discomfort are left untreated, it is possible for infection to occur, resulting in greater pain. If you’re starting to feel discomfort from emerging wisdom teeth, we recommend dropping in for a visit.

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